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Digital Audio Broadcasting Systems Networking.


Salient Features

  • Daisy Chain Half-Duplex Network.

  • Smart Daisy-Chain Bypass Feature.

  • Inbuilt Automatic School Bell Announcement System

  • 4+1 Standard Single Cable Connection

  • Talk-Back, Call-Back Features On Selected Models.

  • Single Address Call/ Group Call/ Universal Announcement Mode.

  • Instantly Record & Schedule the Voice Message to Be Broadcast.

  • Emergency Alerts (SOS) Inbuilt.

  • On Demand Customized Regional Language Audio Messages Available.

  •  Smart Automatic Addressing Mode. (No Need to Care Device Numbers during Installation).

  • Unlimited Audio Power – Cover Any Size of Assembly or Room Area. 

  • Inbuilt On Board DSP Decoder, For Crystal Clear Audio Message.

  • Smart Network Power Management System. To Save The Electrical Energy.

  • Standard “12”V Power Supply. No Need Any Special Power Supply.

  • Work On Pre-Installed Speakers Or Support Any Brand Speaker.

  •  External Audio Amplifier Support for Unlimited Coverage Area.

  • Setup Video & User Manual Available Online.

  • Full Function Infrared Remote Controller for Easy Operation and Handling.

  • Inbuilt Super Microphone or Corded and Cordless Mic Port.

  • Both Side Communication Recording Port Available.

  • Support External Audio Playback from Any Laptop/PC/Mobile Phone/ MP-3 Player’s Source.

  • Call Back/Ring from Any Address to Admin Side.

  • 2 Ω/4 Ω/8 Ω/16 Ω/100 V Audio Output Connection Support.

  • Master Volume Control (Control the Audio Gain of Whole Network from Single Place).  ​​

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