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Automatic Audio/ Bell Timers


New Addition

  • The 5th Generation Audio broadcasting Timer works with audio amplifier(PA-System).

  • The device is smart power enabled, which controls the power of audio amplifier automatically, means device turn on the power of audio amplifier automatically at the time of message broadcasting, and turned off the power of audio amplifier back after broadcasting the audio message, this feature is useful to save the power, in case we use the inverter as a power source.

  • Salient Features:

  • User Friendly Programming and Simple to Install.

  • 16 x 2 wide angle alphanumeric backlit LCD display panel.

  • Weekly programmable alarm (bell) set points.

  • 0-365 programmable holidays (bell will not ring on these holidays)

  • 6 operating modes: Summer, winter, Examination, Customized, and two special Half day Modes for summer and winter

  • 30 set point each day.

  • Total set point 210/week.

  • Demo mode: pre define alarm testing purpose only.

  • Manual mode to ring desisted bells manually at any time.

  • “Off-Day” mode for Vacations & unscheduled holidays. (No bell ringing during off day mode)

  • Standalone unit – no computer needed to operate.

  • Online Setup Videos (including User Manual and Connection Diagram).

Audio Broadcast Timer: Products
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